Mar 20, 2013

My Speed Test Results

To be fair to my ISP, we've had a pleasant uptick in speeds this week after calling into tech support. From the other end of the phone I heard tech support offer to check on our abismal speeds, then a few moments of breathing, followed by an acknowledgement that there was actually some trouble at the tower. A few buttons were audibly pushed on their end and ever since we've enjoyed a boost in speed. We've gone from 4 Kbps uploads to close to a full megabit. 

Regardless, because we're on a shared connection with everyone else on this tier of service, I'm curious about which parts of the day are the quickest. I'm also interested in finding if we ever reach the rate we're paying for: 6 Mbps download, and 2 Mbps upload. 

This is fairly unscientific, but I'm doing a test every hour throughout the week and creating a chart to plot the results. Here's the results for Monday, March 19 and Tuesday March 20:

Note: the scale is in Kbps

So far 11:00 a.m. is winning out-- this is more or less what I would expect, and at somewhere around 1Mbps up and down we can live with these speeds for now-- I won't complain too too much, it beats DSL any day. 

I've run into some work this week that required I download and upload large files over a couple days. This interrupted the test, so I ended it with the 3 1/2 days of results posted blow.

March 18th through the 21st: 
Note: the scale is in Kbps, and the colors are days of the week DL (download) and UL (upload)

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