Feb 18, 2013

7,500 Miles

Amanda and I are now stationed up here in Maine where we will very happily be stationary for a bit. We bought a new car in Phoenix, AZ at the end of December, and here in Maine the odometer suggests we need a break at 7,500 miles. 

Nevertheless, the excitement over the issue of broadband continues to build. Our family has graciously offered us a space to work through the footage we've collected, and make plans for the next step. I'm lucky to be typing this from a 20Mbps connection on the coast, but just an hour inland the cell coverage disappears and the line of sight internet in homes chokes on 700 Kbps. People, however, live in both areas and it's easy to see the digital divide at work. 

Broadband in America has a fascinating history that's intertwined right from the beginning with television and telephone networks and has powerful applications for the future. Telling a story that accurately and meaningfully conveys the importance of protecting and promoting this technology is no small challenge, but thankfully we now have a lot of support from incredible people from all around the country. Ultimately, we'll have to cut the story down to something digestible, but hopefully the effort will encourage people to explore the subject on their own as well-- there's so many important and cool things going on. 

So we may be at the end of our drive across country, but the experience has felt more like the very beginning of the project than the majority of it. Now having time to talk it out, I think we're on the verge of making some big decisions about the next steps to take-- once we're on course, I'll let you know!

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