Jan 2, 2013

What I Don't Know: A Big Subject

The holidays are over, and we packed away the tree today. Having had a terrific Christmas in Phoenix, we're now gearing up to head out on the road and shoot this doc-- so let's figure out where to start!

To begin with, I'll sum up what I know about the internet: 

1. I absolutely need it everyday in order to conduct business. 
2. I use it to keep up with friends.
3. I send my family photos of the cat. 

Sometimes I need a WEP key, sometimes I need a cord, but either way I'm sure there's a cable involved that leaves my house and snakes it's way into the ground. Typically there's one or maybe two different companies who I can select to send me a bill every month to keep this thing going, but beyond that I'd have to use a lot of vague hand gestures and grunts to convey my understanding of the rest of the story. 

Ok, I don't know much, so here's what I'll do to fill in the blanks-- as Amanda and I move around the country investigating, I'll pose a question I run into on twitter @willhyler and answer it as best I can. I'll either ask the people we talk to, or maybe an answer will come from someone online. This way we can start from the place of complete ignorance that I currently find myself in, and move toward a better understanding of how this whole system works. 

Here we go!

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