Nov 22, 2012


White Rock Lake

Driving into Dallas today I hit a spot along the road that boasted a new record for LTE speeds on this trip so far:

38 Mbps on the road? Amazing.

It was liking finding a warm pocket in the ocean while swimming-- gone all too quickly. It wasn't but a few miles later speed tests returned to somewhere around 7Mbps down, and I began to understand how unreliable these results are. The goal here is to find a consistant connection to high speed internet that won't age quickly as the internet and my business grow.

On a walk last month Amanda and I flagged down a Frontier truck out servicing my neighbor's house to ask about their service. He said connection speeds by us came over DSL and weren't very fast-- a few Mbps at best.  Presently DSL is often the suggested upgrade from dial up for rural residents. When it's not being super slow, DSL can achieve speeds around 3Mbps at the high end, and next to zero on the low end. This is one of those technologies that suffers from signal degradation as information moves farther away from its origin, and without close proximity to a booster station customers are likely to be just as well off on dial up.

But what else is there?

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